This agreement governs the relationship between the company 4bgfunds co and the investor (members and partakers of this services).
Both parties are obliged to abide by it during the entire period of cooperation. The document comes into effect immediately after registration on this website.

1.0 The use of all resources and services of the Company is possible only if all the articles of this agreement are accepted. Investor automatically confirms his direct responsibility for the observance and fulfillment of every article of this Agreement.

1.1. Only the user aged 18 and older at the time of the registration can register on the website of the Company and become an Investor in the future.

1.2. The user is granted the status of Investor immediately after registration and acceptance of the terms of this agreement. Investor is empowered to carry out financial transactions and use other services of the Company only after completing the registration procedure.

1.3. If the user does not accept any one of the articles in this Agreement or doubts that he/she will fulfill all the conditions, the user has to terminate the registration.

2.0 The rights, duties and guarantees of the Company to Use invested funds of the Investor for the intended purpose.

2.1 Carry out payments of profits in accordance with the terms of the investment plans. The Company guarantees the payment even in case of unforeseen circumstances.

2.2 Make on-time payments in accordance with the agreed terms, which are provided in this agreement.

2.3 The Company is not responsible for the possible technical malfunctions of electronic payment systems. Financial transactions that are associated with the deposit and withdrawal of funds to the account of the electronic payment system are irreversible and final.

2.4 The Company does not bear personal responsibility for operations executed incorrectly, as well as for financial accounts improperly prepared personally by the Investor.

2.5 The Company is responsible for the Investor personal information integrity and guarantees absolute confidentiality.

3.0 The rights and duties of the Investor

3.1. The Investor while filling in the registration form is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

3.2. The Investor is obliged to check each transaction via his/her financial account. In case of detecting some inaccuracies and discrepancies the Investor has the right ask for assistance of support team.

3.3. All resourсes and services provided by the Company are to be used only for investment activities. In case of copyright infringement (damage to the website, copying of materials, etc.) the Investor will be prosecuted and his/her account will be blocked together with the money, that was on his/her personal account.

3.4. The Investor gives his/her consent to personal data processing in accordance with current legislation. This validation will be carried out after Investor’s registration.

4.0 Introduction of amendments and additions

4.1. This Agreement may be reviewed by the Company administration at any time. Amendments and additions may be introduced in this Agreement, which will be published in this section.

5.0 Termination of the Contract and Account deleting.

5.1. Termination of the Contract between the Company and Investor may be initiated by either party. The Company is empowered to terminate the Contract on cooperation with the Investor in case of his/her violation of the rules and terms of the existing Agreement, which includes account blocking.

5.2. The Investor may terminate the Contract, if he/she makes a decision to suspend his/her investment in the Company.

6.0 Procedure of settling disputes

6.1. Settlement of conflicts between the Company and the Investor involves both parties, taking part in it in accordance with the law.